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Screening Time
30/7 (Sun) 11:00am
2/8 (Wed) 3:15pm
Golden Scene Cinema
4/8 (Fri) 5:00pm
5/8 (Sat) 5:30pm

Tale of the Rally 2023


Four rabbits have been brought into a farm to live with four turtles and many other animals. Yet, the farmer seems to always favour the turtles, and it upsets the rabbits. The rabbits who have always wanted to avenge their ancestors, keep challenging the turtles to a race. Very much annoyed by the rabbits, the turtles ultimately accept the challenge. The animals pull out all the stops in order to win and to stay in the farm. However, through the rally, they will finally understand how valuable their friends are. Friendship is much more important than winning!

Country / Region: Hong Kong
Duration: 83 mins
Director: Cheng Shung Yan

Language: Cantonese
Subtitle: Chinese & English

Guest of Post-screening Sharing (Conducted in Cantonese):
30/7 (Sun) PE: Producer Lo Wing Keung

2/8 (Wed) PE: Theme song composer Wai Yin

4/8 (Fri)Producer Lo Wing Keung

5/8 (Sat): Producer Lo Wing Keung


KIFF understands that parents want to bring their little ones to experience the big screen, but are nervous whether they can sit through the movie quietly. At the “1st Movie Experience” screenings auditorium lighting will be increased and volume will be lowered to suit the needs of kids from 2 to 5 years old.

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