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1/8 (Tue) 5:15pm
4/8 (Fri) 8:00pm
Golden Scene Cinema
30/7 (Sun) 6:00pm
2/8 (Wed) 4:00pm
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Selected by Save the Children Hong Kong. Ticket revenue will be donated to Save the Children Hong Kong after the cost deduction.

Hong Kong Kids International Film Festival 2022 (Hong Kong) - Closing Film

Independent Shorts Awards (L.A. / USA) 

Awards: Best Foreign-Language Film (Special Jury Award) , Platinum Award - Best Children Short , Platinum Award - Best Child/Young Actor 


Cannes World Film Festival (France) 

Awards: Best Family/Children Film, Best Young Actor Feature Film, Best Female Director Feature Film


10th Seoul International Children’s Film Festival (South Korea) - Official Selection (International Competition, June 2022) 


KIDS International Family Film Festival 2022 (California/ USA) 



Best Feature Film (in the region of Asia) 

Aryan International Children's Film Festival


Best Feature Fiction - Bronze


16th International Chinh India Kids Film Festival (New Delhi)



CHINH Gold Award (Feature Film)

Sound of Silence

When we were young, our caregivers were our entire world. But today, this castle is fragile. It can easily crumble because of many circumstances.


Ten-year-old Kwong is a Primary 5 student who has to contend with “Internal assessment for Secondary Places” and parents who constantly argue. He is at a loss. Kwong loves everything related to space. It’s a pity that his parents don’t have time to share his passion of the universe. His grandma, who lives alone, is always patient and happy to learn about his world.


Grandma passes away suddenly, but Kwong doesn’t shed a tear. He becomes obsessed with the story behind Pluto. To him, Pluto is forgotten because it was downgraded and no longer considered a planet. He’s unhappy.

Country / Region: Hong Kong
Duration: 54 mins

Director: Yan Yan

Language: English

Subtitle: English/Chinese subtitle
Stars: Sean Wong, Sam Chan, Joman Chiang, Hei-Ching Paw, Hathy Law

Guest of Post-screening Sharing (Conducted in Cantonese):

Cast - Sean Wong

Kwong suffers from insomnia. At night, when he looks at the boundless sky, he feels secure, as if many friends are talking to him. Kwong believes that aliens will appear and take him to Pluto, where he will meet Grandma again. He keeps all this to himself.


To his parents, Kwong is just a naughty boy. They have no inkling that Kwong may be experiencing emotional problems.


One day, Kwong disappears. His younger sister discovers an astronaut stuffed toy; Kwong doesn’t know how to express his emotions and anxieties, so he recorded everything into the toy. His parents follow clues from the recording and rush to where they first won the toy.


The acronym for “Sound of Silence” is SOS. SOS in morse code follows the rhythm of three short dots, three long dashes and three short dots, a familiar trope in crying for help.


Sometimes adults forget children are recent arrivals on this earth, like aliens appearing in their purest form. Here they embark on an adventure. They only want to know what it means to be human.

SynopsisContent Advisory: Sensitive subject matter, parental guidance is suggested

About Save the Children Hong Kong

Save the Children believes every child deserves a future. In Hong Kong and around the world, we do whatever it takes – every day and in times of crisis – so children can fulfil their rights to a healthy start in life, the opportunity to learn and protection from harm. Established in 2009, Save the Children Hong Kong is part of the Save the Children global movement which is made up of 30 member organisations and operates in almost 120 countries. With over 100 years of expertise, we are the world’s first and leading independent children’s organisation – transforming lives and the future we share.

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Movies can be a shared vocabulary that strengthens the bond between the parents (or guardians) and their children. For kids aged from 6 to 11, the ‘Parent-Child Movie Time” screenings are not only about enjoying movies together, but also drawing kids into meaningful conversations afterwards.

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