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Screening Time
29/7 (Sat) 5:20pm
5/8 (Sat) 11:00am
Golden Scene Cinema
31/7 (Mon) 3:15pm
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The Academy Award (1995) - Best Original Song, Best Original Score

The Golden Globes Award (1995) - Best Motion Picture - Comedy or Musical, Best Original Score - Motion Picture, Best Original Song - Motion Picture

Lion King 1994


The story of LION KING and the remarkable soundtracks have become global hits since the movie’s release in 1994; it is still a top 10 highest-grossing animated movie of all time, and one of the 100 greatest films of the 20th century. Set in the Pride Lands, the once carefree lion cub Simba has to flee into exile after his King father Mufasa is killed by his uncle Scar. As he grows up, Simba - who has never forgotten his father’s words – comes to realise that he must return to the kingdom and take back his place as the rightful King.

Country / Region: United States
Duration: 88 mins
Director: Roger Allers, Rob Minkoff

Language: English
Subtitle: Chinese Subtitled

Guest of Post-screening Sharing (Conducted in Cantonese):

29/7 (Sat) Ka Sing Fung - Director of “Lost Love”


Movies can be a shared vocabulary that strengthens the bond between the parents (or guardians) and their children. For kids aged from 6 to 11, the ‘Parent-Child Movie Time” screenings are not only about enjoying movies together, but also drawing kids into meaningful conversations afterwards.

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