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Screening Time
14/7 (Sun) 1:15pm

28/7 (Sun) 3:25pm

A Time to Fly


Inspired by a true story of young Mong Thongdee, a boy hailing from the rural mountains of northern Thailand, unexpectedly wins a local paper plane tournament. Now a member of Thailand’s national team, he has the opportunity of a lifetime to travel to Japan and take part in an international paper plane competition. But he faces one major obstacle: he is stateless. Bearing no citizenship to his name, leaving the country becomes one of Mong’s mere fantasies. Alongside with his teachers, lawyers, journalists as well as the Thai public calls for its birthright laws to make his dreams a reality…before it’s too late.

Country / Region: Thailand
Duration: 96 mins
Saksiri Kachaphatcharin

Language: Thai
Subtitle: English & Chinese Subtitled

Guest of Post-screening Sharing (Conducted in Cantonese):

14/7 (Sun) : TBC
28/7 (Sun) : TBC


Movies can be a shared vocabulary that strengthens the bond between the parents (or guardians) and their children. For kids aged from 6 to 11, the ‘Parent-Child Movie Time” screenings are not only about enjoying movies together, but also drawing kids into meaningful conversations afterwards.

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