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Showing Time
​​加場 Additional Show: 28/7 (Sun) 7:40pm
29/7 (Mon) 3:40pm
4/8 (Sun)  5:50pm


New York International Children’s Film Festival Official Selection



A new adaptation of writer-illustrator Tove Jansson’s classic and much-loved stories about the Moomins, this drama fantasy series is full of life and laughter for lifelong Moomin fans, and complete newcomers alike. As we follow the story of Moomintroll’s growth and encounters with his family and other creatures, we learn about humanity, relationships, emotions – and especially about love and friendship. Moominvalley is an uplifting series with many positive messages!

Suitable for kids from 2 to 5 years old. Auditorium lighting will be increased and volume will be lowered to suit the needs of kids.

姆明全新一輯動畫系列,由來自原作者Tove Jansson家鄉的芬蘭動畫公司Gutsy Animations製作,更加原汁原味!還有奧斯卡動畫《超級無敵掌門狗之世紀大騙兔》導演史提夫博克斯執導,以3D技術製作的角色配以傳統人手繪畫的2D動畫背景,令姆明的粉絲耳目一新,剛認識姆明的新朋友也定能大開眼界!讓我們一起走進這個北歐夢幻世界,與姆明攜手踏上成長路,認識他的家人和趣怪朋友,在笑聲之中感受愛,發放正能量!


Country / Region: Finland & Uk 
Duration: 66 Mins
Director: Steve Box
Language: English
Subtitle: Chinese

Guest of Post-screening Sharing (Conducted in Cantonese) 
29/7: Miss May May
4/8: Miss May May

國家 / 地區: 芬蘭及英國
片長: 66 分鐘
導演: 史提夫博克斯
語言: 英語
字幕: 中文

29/7:​ 莫萊茵
4/8: 莫萊茵


KIFF understands that parents want to bring their little ones to experience the big screen, but are nervous whether they can sit through the movie quietly. At the “1st Movie Experience” screenings auditorium lighting will be increased and volume will be lowered to suit the needs of kids from 2 to 5 years old.

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