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Showing Time
4/8 (Sun)  1:30pm
5/8 (Mon)  7:10pm

Jacob, Mimmi and the Talking Dogs

Jacob lives in the city and dreams of becoming an architect like his dad. One day, his dad needs to go on business trip and Jacob has to spend the week with his bossy cousin Mimmi and her father in Riga’s historical suburb Maskachka, where the local park is about to be transformed into new skyscrapers. Jacob and Mimmi decide to put a stop to it, with the help of a pack of local dogs that… can talk!

Suitable for kids from 2 to 5 years old. Auditorium lighting will be increased and volume will be lowered to suit the needs of kids.

Country / Region: Latvia & Poland 
Duration: 70 Mins
Director: Edmunds Jansons
Language: English
Subtitle: Chinese

Guest of Post-screening Sharing (Conducted in Cantonese) 
4/8: Miss May May 

5/8: Sunny Chan



國家 / 地區: 拉脫維亞及波蘭
片長: 70 分鐘
導演: 艾文士簡森斯
語言: 英語
字幕: 中文


4/8: Miss May May

5/8: 陳詠燊


KIFF understands that parents want to bring their little ones to experience the big screen, but are nervous whether they can sit through the movie quietly. At the “1st Movie Experience” screenings auditorium lighting will be increased and volume will be lowered to suit the needs of kids from 2 to 5 years old.

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