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Showing Time
30/7 (Tue) 7:40pm
3/8 (Sat)  3:50pm


12-year-old Abe is the son of an Israeli mother and Palestinian father. Thankfully, Abe’s passion for food allows him some escape from the family tensions that are a reflection of the generations-old conflict between Israel and Palestine. While exploring Brooklyn to discover new foods, he meets Chico, a Brazilian chef who believes “mixing flavors can bring people together.” Abe plans a Thanksgiving feast that celebrates his diverse heritage, with the hope of unifying his family.

Content Advisory: Strong language, parental guidance is suggested


Sundance Film Festival Official Selection

Country / Region: USA & Brazil
Duration: 85 mins
Director: Fernando Grostein Andrade
Language: English, Hebrew (in Parts), Arabic (in Parts) & Portuguese (in Parts)
Subtitle: Chinese
Cast: Noah Schnapp from Stranger Things 

Guest of Post-screening Sharing (Conducted in Cantonese)
30/7: Thomas Shin
3/8: TBC



國家 / 地區: 美國及巴西
片長: 85 分鐘
導演: 費蘭度葛羅斯丹安德迪
語言: 英語及部份希伯來語、阿拉伯語及葡語
字幕: 中文
主演:《怪奇物語》主角 挪亞施納普 

30/7: 登徒

3/8: TBC

It is always great to watch movies with friends! For teenagers aged 12 to 16, “Hangout & Film Appreciation” screenings are about enhancing the film-going experience; engaging through an in-depth appreciation of film storytelling, various movie-making techniques, and the different approaches to managing creativity and the freedom of expression.

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