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Ballad From Tibet

29th July 2:00pm
2nd Aug 7:30pm 

Based on the remarkable true story of a group of blind Tibetan children who embark on a great journey from Mount Everest to the metropolitan of Shenzhen, with the goal to perform on the biggest talent show on television. Thupten is losing his sight and wants to see the world before his life goes completely dark, and leads his blind band-members who each have a different reason to perform. Helped along the way by a nomad family, a fleet of bikers and a television producer, the band’s adventure is full of laughter and tears. Their angelic voice and music will definitely melt your heart. 

Country / Region: China
Duration: 84 mins

Director: WeiZhang
Language: Mandarin, Tibetan
Subtitle: Chinese, English
Cast: Lobsang Turpten, Yeshi Choedon, Karma Sangmo, Pama Gumi, Sonam Wangdu, Hao Huang, Gawang Dolma  


Guest of Post-screening Sharing (Conducted in Cantonese) 
29th July - Lai Ho​

2nd Aug - Lai Ho

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