Supa Modo

29th July 4:00pm
30th July 7:30pm
2nd Aug 2:00pm 

Nine-year-old Jo loves action films and dreams of being a superhero. Her biggest wish: to make a film and star in it. In her fantasy she can forget that she is terminally ill. When Jo’s sister can no longer bear seeing the cheerful girl spend her precious remaining time in bed, she encourages Jo to believe in her magic powers, and the whole village to make Jo’s dream a reality. This moving drama set in Kenya, co-produced by internationally-acclaimed German director Tom Tykwer, is about the power of imagination and an unusual means of saying farewell. 

Country / Region: Germany, Kenya
Duration: 74 mins

Director: Likarion Wainaina
Language: English (in parts), Kikuyu (in parts), Swahili (in parts)
Subtitle: Chinese, English
Cast: Stycie Waweru, Marrianne Nungo 


Guest of Post-screening Sharing (Conducted in Cantonese) 
29th July - Adam Wong

30th July - Elaine Chow

2nd Aug - Adam Wong

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Hong Kong Kids International Film Festival is a co-own non-profit project by 3Space and Golden Scene Company Limited.

The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region provides funding support to the project through the Film Development Fund. The funding support bears no relationship whatsoever to the content of, or views express in this projects. 

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