以更優惠嘅價錢購買KIFF 換票證套票,一家大細或者同朋友仔一齊去睇戲。

- 4張成人及4張小童/學生/長者換票証(共8張) 

- ​4張免費爆谷換領券

- KIFF 網站獨家 及 首 20 套可獲 PizzaExpress 現金券、Oxford Story Tree and Oxford Young Learner’s Illustrated English-Chinese Dictionary (4th Edition) *

每套價值港幣 590元(原價680元)


Connecting with us




Hong Kong Kids International Film Festival is a co-own non-profit project by 3Space and Golden Scene Company Limited.

The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region provides funding support to the project through the Film Development Fund. The funding support bears no relationship whatsoever to the content of, or views express in this projects. 

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