8月6日至9月1日 | 上午10時至晚上10時

AUG 6 to SEP 1 | 10:00am to 10:00pm


KIFF短片嘉年華希望小朋友可以透過短片認識世界各地不同文化,繼去年獲得大眾好評後,今年KIFF再下一城,在網上成立了參展平台,讓世界各地的電影製作人提交兒童短片參展,反應非常熱烈,我們的專業評審從來自100個國家、超過1800部短片中精選出20多部,當中包括改編自俄國作家果弋里同名短篇小說的《暖大衣》,更由英國演員施利安梅菲Cillian Murphy聲演,以及其他來自南韓、美國、英國、法國、印度、伊朗、羅馬尼亞等地的精彩作品。此外,我們更會播放今年首次舉辦的《[email protected]全港學生短片創作比賽》中的得獎短片,以上所有作品均在短片嘉年華中免費放映,歡迎大小朋友坐下來慢慢欣賞!


KIFF SHORTS features children short films from around the world with the purpose of introducing different countries and cultures to kids through films. This year, KIFF has established an online film submission platform for international filmmakers to submit their works to be included in our festival, and attracted over 1800 submissions from 100 countries! Our professional jury has selected more than 20 short films from South Korea, USA, UK, France, India, Iran, Romania etc., especially highlighting the animated adaptation of Nikolai Gogol's classic short story The Overcoat, featuring Cillian Murphy as the protagonist’s voice. The winning shorts from [email protected] Hong Kong Schools Short Film Contest will also be featured. All the above films are screened for free at the KIFF Carnival. It’s the perfect way to learn a new culture and to pass your free time!

How to join: Walk-in

The Overcoat
The Stained Club
The Most Magnificent Thing