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Screening Time
29/7 (Sat) 3:30pm
3/8 (Thu) 5:45pm
Golden Scene Cinema
29/7 (Sat) 5:45pm
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Berlin International Film Festival, Germany (2023) – Nominated for Generation Kplus - Best Film

Just Super


11-year-old gaming enthusiast Hedvig finds her life turned upside down when she is forced to replace her father as the town’s superhero much earlier than expected.

But Hedvig is no superhero, and the challenges are far greater than her coaching father anticipated. He soon realises focus must shift to his athletic nephew Adrian instead. Dejected and confused, Hedvig visits her demented grandmother. As she starts talking about the situation, the grandmother lights up, eagerly responding to her ramblings. An unlikely team emerges, and soon Hedvig is about to fulfil their family legacy without her father’s knowledge.

Country / Region: Norway
Duration: 73 mins
Director: Rasmus A. Sivertsen

Language: English
Subtitle: Chinese Subtitled

Guest of Post-screening Sharing (Conducted in Cantonese):

29/7 (Sat) PE : Eric Lee - Best Screenplay of Hong Kong Film Awards for "Tracey"

29/7 (Sat) GSC : Eric Lee - Best Screenplay of Hong Kong Film Awards for "Tracey"

3/8 (Thu) PE : Oliver Chan Siu Kuen - Best New Director of Hong Kong Film Awards for “Still Human”


KIFF understands that parents want to bring their little ones to experience the big screen, but are nervous whether they can sit through the movie quietly. At the “1st Movie Experience” screenings auditorium lighting will be increased and volume will be lowered to suit the needs of kids from 2 to 5 years old.

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