Showing Time
1/8 (Thu) 3:50pm
3/8 (Sat)  6:00pm

Modest Heroes: Ponoc Short Films Theatre, Volume 1
謙虛的英雄: 普樂卡短片劇場 系列 Volume 1

Mary and The Witch’s Flower’s Studio Ponoc presents a celebration of short animations from Japan portraying the modest heroes of today. Kanini & Kanino is the grand adventure fantasy of two crab brothers. Life Ain’t Gonna Lose is a moving drama about the love between a mother and her boy. Invisible is an action spectacle of the lonely and solitary fight of a man who wants to be seen again.

Country / Region: Japan 
Duration: 53 Mins
Director: Hiromasa Yonebayashi, Yoshiyuki Momose, Akihiko Yamashita
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: Chinese & English

Guest of Post-screening Sharing (Conducted in Cantonese) 
1/8: Andrew Choi
3/8: Thomas Shin

曾製作《瑪莉與魔女之花》的日本動畫工作室Studio Ponoc,與一眾來自「吉卜力工作室」的著名動畫師,精心炮製這個歌頌小小英雄的短片動畫系列,三部短片包括:《卡尼尼與卡尼諾》講述一對螃蟹兄弟在河中尋找失蹤父親的奇幻歷險;《永不言敗》描寫窩心的母子情,兒子對雞蛋敏感,卻渴望品嚐雞蛋的滋味,媽媽可以為兒子達成心願嗎?《透明人》是關於一個被世界遺忘的透明人,為了再被世人看見而努力奮鬥。

國家 / 地區: 日本
片長: 53 分鐘
導演: 米林宏昌、百瀨義行、山下明彦
語言: 日語
字幕: 中文及英文

1/8: 蔡廉明
3/8: 登徒


Movies can be a shared vocabulary that strengthens the bond between the parents (or guardians) and their children. For kids aged from 6 to 11, the ‘Parent-Child Movie Time” screenings are not only about enjoying movies together, but also drawing kids into meaningful conversations afterwards.

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