Showing Time
30/7 (Tue) 7:40pm
3/8 (Sat)  3:50pm


12-year-old Abe is the son of an Israeli mother and Palestinian father. Thankfully, Abe’s passion for food allows him some escape from the family tensions that are a reflection of the generations-old conflict between Israel and Palestine. While exploring Brooklyn to discover new foods, he meets Chico, a Brazilian chef who believes “mixing flavors can bring people together.” Abe plans a Thanksgiving feast that celebrates his diverse heritage, with the hope of unifying his family.

Content Advisory: Strong language, parental guidance is suggested


Sundance Film Festival Official Selection

Country / Region: USA & Brazil
Duration: 85 mins
Director: Fernando Grostein Andrade
Language: English, Hebrew (in Parts), Arabic (in Parts) & Portuguese (in Parts)
Subtitle: Chinese
Cast: Noah Schnapp from Stranger Things 

Guest of Post-screening Sharing (Conducted in Cantonese)
30/7: Thomas Shin
3/8: TBC



國家 / 地區: 美國及巴西
片長: 85 分鐘
導演: 費蘭度葛羅斯丹安德迪
語言: 英語及部份希伯來語、阿拉伯語及葡語
字幕: 中文
主演:《怪奇物語》主角 挪亞施納普 

30/7: 登徒

3/8: TBC

It is always great to watch movies with friends! For teenagers aged 12 to 16, “Hangout & Film Appreciation” screenings are about enhancing the film-going experience; engaging through an in-depth appreciation of film storytelling, various movie-making techniques, and the different approaches to managing creativity and the freedom of expression.

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Hong Kong Kids International Film Festival is a co-own non-profit project by 3Space and Golden Scene Company Limited.

The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region provides funding support to the project through the Film Development Fund. The funding support bears no relationship whatsoever to the content of, or views express in this projects. 

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